• No pets allowed in the race.

  • No devices that aid in a runner’s forward propulsion allowed in the race.

  • Strollers are allowed but must start in the back of the start corral unless otherwise cleared by race management to be further up the chute. Stroller runners are also to take extra care with headphones to be able to be aware of their surroundings (1-ear covered, 1 ear open). Please do not get too close to anyone and give plenty of room as to not injure other runners.

  • Headphones are allowed BUT WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND you only have one in your ear keeping your other ear free and open. If we attempt to communicate with you and you do not respond because you have headphones on both ears you may be subject to a penalty or disqualification. It’s for your safety and those around you. Keep the volume low and please have one ear open.

  • You are not allowed to stash hydration/nutrition on the course. This is abandonment/littering and will result in an immediate disqualification. Please either carry what you need on you or use what we have at any of our multiple hydration stations.

  • No littering. Anything you wish to discard may be done away with at the hydration stations and nowhere else. If you have trash you do not want it is not ok to throw it down on the course outside those stations. Anyone caught doing so will be disqualified and banned from future entry. Please respect the course and the communities we are allowed to run in.

  • No more than 2-wide in the running lane (single file preferred when possible). We prefer single file but if you are shoulder to shoulder 2-wide that’s ok in most areas of the course. Anything beyond that forces passing runners to go outside the designated running lane and into the motorized vehicle lane. This is dangerous. Please be courteous to others and maintain plenty of room in the running lane for passing.

  • All runners must stay within the running lane/cone line. Most of there course is on 4-lane roads. The runners have a lane and the vehicles have a lane. Roads are low speed limit as well. Runners are to stay within their designated lane and follow the cones, signs, etc.

  • If for any reason you have to stop please move as far over in the lane as possible to allow other runners to pass. Be sure to step onto the shoulder or median (depending on which lane you’re running in at the time) if you have to stop so that runners may still continue to run in the coned off lane(s).

  • Please wear your bib on the front and on your outermost layer of clothing. Remember your timing tag is on the back (do not remove) and it needs to be on the outside of your clothing for accurate reading as you go over the timing mats. Also we need to see the numbers on the bib for identification during the event.

  • Always be kind to the volunteers. Volunteers are there of their own free will donating their time and efforts to help you have a successful race. Smile and thank them whenever possible.

  • Encourage and take care of your fellow runners. At some level we are all competitive, either with ourselves or with others, but remember we are all out there to have fun and be healthy. At the end of the day no finish time is worth treating someone else poorly or ignoring a situation where a runner may be in need of help. Be good to each other out there!

  • Please use the restrooms on the course. Do not relieve yourself in public. Restrooms are on the course for a reason. You will find restrooms at miles 5 & 8 near the water stops. Please knock before entering and clean up after yourself.

  • Keep on moving in the finish chute. Once you cross the line keep on walking to reach the back. Please do not stop at or near the line and stand around clogging up the chute and getting in the way of other people’s finisher photos.

  • Cheating will not be tolerated. We will have a timing mat everyone in the half must cross at the furthest part of the course. If you don’t go over it you are instantly disqualified.

  • Please have fun! While some of these rules may sound strict, our #1 goal is for you to have fun and accomplish your goals! We are very appreciative you’ve chosen to signup for our race and we want nothing more than to see you cross that line or race morning.

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